There are many benefits to joining us at Normalair Underwater Club. The club system provides divers with an environment where skills and knowledge can be shared between new and experienced divers, underwater hockey players and spearfishing enthusiasts.

Diving is by nature a social sport, and divers in a club help and train others simply for the love of the sport. Although Normalair is primarily a diving club – it also offers underwater hockey, spearfishing, free-diving and a number of great training courses and social events to keep you busy year round!

  • Socialise with like-minded people, whose passion is scuba diving
  • An instant support group of experienced divers and instructors
  • Regular informational talks and guest speakers
  • Equipment rental at discounted and reasonable prices
  • Discounts on weekends away & trips with the club i.e. to Mozambique.
  • Annual Mid-Winter Polar Bear Dive, Spring Braai, Beerfest and other special events
  • Special interest groups: Free-diving, Spearfishing, etc.
  • Special rates for Club events and trips

For more information on our memberships options check out our dedicated pages for each membership as well as the breakdown of our membership fees and structure.