1 STAR COURSE (mid week & weekends)

Scuba diving is a gateway to experiencing a world filled with exotic creatures below the water surface. You can experience weightlessness, tranquillity and splendour while diving. This course is an inland dive course (freshwater) but can be followed by attending an optional excursion to the sea where the divers are exposed to diving over reefs.


Normal Air Underwater Club (NUC) is the oldest dive club in South Africa.

It is affiliated to CMAS ISA which is the diving agency that the legendary Jacques Costeau was the first President of in the 1950s.  CMAS dive qualifications are internationally recognised and can be used all over the world. A 1 Star trained diver qualifies the diver to dive to depths of 20m.

Pre-requisites to attend a dive course are the following

  • A dive medical incl chest xrays conducted by a doctor (preferably a dive doctor)
  • The ability to be able to swim 200m in 8 minutes
  • Suitable soft gear for diving eg mask, fins, snorkel, wetsuit & weightbelt purchased before pool sessions can be attended
  • Payment of course deposit (R1500) 2 weeks pre course commencement. Balance of course fee (R2000) by Friday orientation meeting.

Total course cost payable to NUC is R3500

Scuba Training involves 3 key areas:

  • Theoretical training and examination covering intro to scuba diving, equipment, dive physics, medical & physiological aspects of diving, use of dive tables, dive planning and dive environment
  • Practical closed water training in swimming pools and testing
  • Practical open water training in dams/sea & testing

The 1 star course duration covers mid week and 2 weekends:

  • Friday orientation meeting (meet the instructors & collect course pack). Payment of balance of course fee is reqd to receive course pack
  • Self “study” course modules & slide presentations before theory lectures
  • Theory lectures (1st week Tues & Thurs evenings – 4 modules/ evening)
  • SCUBA soft gear purchasing (1st week post Tues after Equipment lecture)
  • Practical training (1st weekend Sat & Sun). Suitable SCUBA soft gear must be used NOT snorkel gear.
  • Students follow up questions (2nd week 1 evening)
  • Open water dives in a dam (3rd weekend incl theory exam)

The course includes lectures by various NUC instructors, soft gear selection, focused practical skills training, dive training, use of NUC scuba equipment (hard gear- buoyancy compensator, dive cylinder & regulator) for the duration of the course. Air fills for practicals will be supplied by NUC.  Entry to the dive venue is for the students’ account.

The course fee also provides the student membership of NUC club for the current financial year, all course matter on a CD, certificates and scrolls and international certification card (C-card dive licence).

In addition, students/club members can also join the club when NUC visits the sea or other inland dive venues as club outings.  The cost of these trips are not included in the course fee.

NUC offers students/club members the options to rent soft gear/hard gear when not on course.

NUC has 7 dive instructors so this brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in scuba training.

Should you require any additional information or have questions, please contact Russell on     063 352 2022.